Nous offrons une option unique :
apprendre la langue de l’Amérique du Sud tout en profitant de la nature.

Classes d’espagnol

Nos classes d’espagnol vous donneront la possibilité d’apprendre une langue, explorer la réserve naturelle, vivre dans notre ferme et économiser en même temps !!

Nos classes s’adaptent à ce que chaque voyageur nécessite :

  • Pour les débutants nous offrons des classes pratiques et utiles qui peuvent vous aider à résoudre les situations classiques dans lesquels vous vous trouverez au cours d’un voyage.
  • Pour ceux qui ont déjà un niveau intermédiaire, nous aidons à améliorer et perfectionner ses capacités en langue.
  • Et finalement, pour ceux qui ont un niveau avancé, nous offrons des classes de conversation pour qu’ils puissent s’exprimer au même niveau que dans sa langue natale.

Le principal avantage de prendre des cours à Aldea Luna est que vous aurez 2 heures de cours par jour, mais vous pourrez parler avec nous les 24 heures de la journée pour pratiquer ce que vous avez appris et poser des questions sur vos doutes linguistiques !!

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“Amazing place, amazing people”
I really had good time in Aldea Luna and this mainly because of the people. Martin, Elizabeth, Matias and the little Anna are all the members of this family but everyone that goes there is part of the group! The place is amazing, in the middle of the jungle and so the nature is incredible.

Francio M - Italyvia TripAdvisor

“Great Place. Great Location. Great People.”
Aldea Luna was the highlight in my Yeartrip around Southamerika. I stayed there for only 3 weeks, because I was running out of time.
If not I would stay for 2 or 3 more weeks. The location is gorgeous, very very scenic.

Karin I - Germanyvia TripAdvisor

“A Jewel in the Forest”
I was at Aldea Luna for 6 weeks. I arrived in april and I was coming from Bolivia with 2 friends of mine. After travelling for 2 months, our digestive situation was a bit delicated and I recommend Aldea Luna because it is a very healthy place.

Alice H - USAvia TripAdvisor

“Everything You Could Ask For and More”
If only staying forever were an option. I was only able to stay at Aldea Luna for 2 weeks, which was far too short in my opinion. Aldea Luna is unlike any other place I’ve been to before or since. The owners, Elisabeth and Martin, are welcoming, generous and impressive people who have built an amazing sustainable vegetarian farm

KingLion O - USAvia TripAdvisor

“Very Homey and Loving Family! Would Return in a Heartbeat!”
While I was at Aldea Luna for over 5 weeks I had a great experience with the whole crew there and with all the travelers coming through. I also took Spanish classes while I was there and they were very helpful and I gained a lot of Spanish Speaking skills. Honestly while I was there I felt at home.

Colby B - USA

“Beautiful place with beautiful human beings”
I’ve been leaving in Aldea Luna for 2 weeks and I loved it! I took some spanish class with Elisabeth that has been really helpfull to me.
It’s a little place of paradise hidden in the mountains.
I recommend deeply!

GMax - Francevia TripAdvisor

“Best Place in Argentina”
Aldea Luna ist THE place for volunteering. For my sister and me it was the perfect combination of working (4 hours a day), cooking and eating (best vegetarian food in my life) and living with a real authentic, friendly and lovely family. We improved our Spanish a lot, learned a lot while working, had great walks on the hiking trails

George K. via TripAdvisor

“Feeling at home, far from home!”
Whether you are travelling alone, with your friends, your partner or your kids, whether you speak fluently Spanish or you have no idea of this language, whether you are carnivore or vegan, 20 or 70, travelling for a month or for a life,

Loraine - Germanyvia TripAdvisor